Innovation of things

IOT product development with Mesh Technology.

Competitive advantage

Expert Team

Deitres has a dedicated team of highly skilled and qualified professionals with expertise in hardware, firmware and software development, specialized in IoT and Mesh Communication.

Owned Technology

Mesh radio-frequency communication module with state-of-the-art technology. We have a comprehensive platform for Mesh network management, applicable for all solutions developed by Deitres; network maintenance tools and apps for final users.Plataforma integral para gestión de redes mesh aplicable a toda solución desarrollada por Deitres. Herramientas para el mantenimiento de la red y apps para usuarios finales.

Success cases

First LATAM wireless communicator for alarm panels with Mesh technology.

Smart-Energy-Meter. Exclusive smart grid design for emerging economies.


Many problems could be solved or optimized with Mesh network communication.
Under what conditions can Mesh be the best option?

Smart cities
Oil and gas

Where do we operate?

Argentina   – I+D+i   – Gestión Comercial   – Administración – Dirección gral
EEUU   – Deitres Group C   -Corp   – Holding
China   – Producción