Many problems could be solved or optimized with Mesh network communication.
Under what conditions should Mesh be the best option? The most important conditions are with:

  • Non-mobile devices, since they can be repeater.
  • Limited bandwidth (max 56kb), which means that we cannot transmit video or sound using this type of network.
  • Relatively high density of devices.
  • Access to/control of the facilities of all devices.
  • Centralized management and maintenance of the network.
Smart Cities
Oil and gas

Success Cases

CityMesh is the wireless communicator established by Mesh Network in Argentina,compatible with traditional alarm panels.. This innovative product was fully developed by Deitres in 2009. It has continuously evolved until the robust and reliable solution we have today in the monitoring industry.

Each installed CityMesh works as a smart repeater within the network, enabling the natural expansion of the area of coverage. This concept turns it into more than a simple communicator, since every installed device strengthens and expands the network without the need of having big radio structures or devices with cell chips.

This network has been designed to support data service in a flexible and reliable way.

In the last version, it incorporates the alarm panel function and mobile applications for final users and technicians.

AMIAR ® is the first Smart Grid made in Argentina, specifically designed for emerging economies. It was developed with funds of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Argentina.

The objective of this project is to provide facilities to measure, diagnose and control services. It is a wireless communication network where each installed device works as a smart repeater. Apart from developing the necessary hardware, we make the information and management software.

The most important part of AMIAR ® project, and what makes it unique in the market, is that it could achieve this product concept: electricity suppliers can reduce operating cost and increase investment, without raising total cost. In only some years, electricity suppliers will have advanced measuring infrastructure and control of their installed network, making big, technology advancement in their systems without investing extra money, that is to say, without investing more than what they invest today. This feature of the system allows the installation of this type of technology in emerging economies.

Industry 4.0 production context must guarantee communication between the machines and the sensors of the factory. There are specific telemetry systems (internal communication networks) which are expensive and difficult to install and maintain; and our experience shows that infrastructure complexity and cost delays industry transformation in emerging economies

D-NET ® Project develops the first industrial telemetry system with Mesh technology in Latin America.

With the application of that technology, each node of the network works as a flexible and reliable repeater, reducing investment and cost of further equipment, making implementation easier.

This project involves the development of hardware (node/hub/gateway) that connects machines and software (web platform and custom control panel), necessary to reach the solution of modern industr