About Us

We are a company that creates innovative solutions for IoT and Mesh technology and develops the hardware, firmware and software of our products.
We seek to transcend by working in high impact projects to benefit our society, by developing systems and equipment that put technology at the service of people.
The quality and innovation of our projects are the result of the passion and dedication to our products. We work in an environment and culture that promotes the potential of our team.
Buscamos trascender trabajando en proyectos de alto impacto que mejoren nuestra sociedad.
La calidad e innovación de nuestros desarrollos es fruto de la pasión y dedicación que ponemos en cada producto, trabajando en un entorno y una cultura que logra promover todo nuestro potencial.


Ceo & Co-founder

Bernardo Martínez Sáenz


Juan Ignacio Pedroche


Valeria Andersen

Executive Board


Maximiliano Gonzalez Kunz


Ariel Ferrari

Advisor & Co-Founder

Ezequiel Manzini

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